„Carpe Diem“

Carpe Diem comes from Latin and means „Use The Day!“

The writer Alfred Kerr once said: „Live every day as if it were the last!“

You only live today – not yesterday, whose good and bad has already passed away. You do not live in tomorrow, which has not come yet. This day, whose sun casts shadows for you and whose daylight you experience, is your day. Live that day as if you were born today and could die today, because then your life is not mistaken between the concern for the past and the grief over the vague schemes of the future. Only for this one day you should give your concentration, your creativity, your effort and your diligence and attach importance only to him. You should be balanced, show a good character, be content with destiny, look after your appearance and your body and be useful to other people. You will well divide the hours of the day you are in, its minutes to years, and its seconds into months. You see the good and devote yourself to the beautiful. You live this day in joy and happiness, in safety and peace, are satisfied with your partner, your children, your work, your house – with what you have. You live this day without grief and sorrow, without anger or hate and without envy.

If you are honest with yourself and precede with an iron will, then you have achieved all this with the view „I live only today.“ If you use every moment of the day to build your being and improve your talents, say:

„Only today I pay attention to my words, I say nothing bad, do not use indecent words, or talk about other people’s backs in a way that they do not like. Only for today I will clean up my house and my office, no chaos, no confusion, everything should be neat and systematic. Only for today I will live and pay attention to my body hygiene, improve my appearance, dress myself nicely and be balanced and harmonious in my walking, talking and in my movements. Only today will I live and work hard to obey my Lord, learn something useful and read an important book. Only for today I live, so I will be useful to others, I bring all the beautiful things to them.“

„Oh man, use your day!“ This is the best sentence in the Dictionary of Bliss. Those who want life should know that this view is one of the best and most beautiful ways to experience it.

Suppose that today is our last day, would we think of hurting another person or stealing something? Or would we strive to do well and do something for our salvation? In any case, we would try to live that day consciously. We would try to use this day to do something special and not give a minute away. Do you know if today is your last day? And most of all, why does the last day have to come to wake us up? Why do not we start today to live every day, to be able to go to bed every night and say:

„Yes! It was really worth living for me today!“

Published on 11.01.2018 by Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk)

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