»Exciting Yellow«

Yellow is similar to the bright sun.
Yellow is a symbol for the power of life.
Yellow presents happiness, health and prosperity.
Yellow is what wakes us up in the morning.
Yellow stands for alertness, creativity and a quick mind.
Yellow scents like blooming flowers on a spring meadow.
Yellow taste like our eggs for breakfast.
Yellow smells like morning doves roaming the air.
Yellow sounds like a singing hummingbird.
Yellow feels like the rising sun at dawn.
Yellow looks like a gold ring but brighter.
Yellow makes us feel happy.
Yellow light of the sun embodying the divine intelligence.

In every human being is the divine intelligence!

And if you want to remember it, simply say to yourself „I FEEL YELLOW“ and you will automatically create a good and positive feeling.

Are you looking for truth?
After the meaning of life and for answers to your questions?
Or maybe you are in a life crisis and you don´t know what to do?

It´s good to have a good friend by your side in a situation like this, who helps you get back into a good mood? And isn´t it the most important thing in life to have a good feeling?

With our initiative „WE FEEL YELLOW“ we want to bring this friend into your life, because we all deserve to lead a positive and happy life.