FBI mission in a potato garden

An old Arab has been living in Chicago for more than 40 years. He would like to plant potatoes in his garden, but he is alone, old and weak.

That’s why he writes an e-mail to his son, who is studying in Paris:

„Dear Ahmed. I am very sad, because I can´t plant potatoes in my garden. I’m sure if you were with me, you could help me and dig up the garden. Your father.“

The old man receives an e-mail from Paris promptly:

„Dear father, please do not touch anything in the garden. That’s where I hid ‚the thing‘. Your son Ahmed.“

At 4 am, the old man get some visit from US Army, Marines, FBI, CIA, and even an Elite Rangers. They take the plaice of plaice apart, search every millimeter, but find nothing. Disappointed they withdraw.

The same morning, the old man receives another e-mail from his son:

„Dear dad. I’m sure the garden is completely dug up now and you can plant potatoes. I could not do more for you. In love, Ahmed“.

Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk)


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