I Interview Time (by David Gallup)

I Interview Time

In the style of Garry Davis‘ blogs in which he „interviewed“ water, space and sleep, for this New Year’s blog, I interview time.

Me: Hey, Time, wait up! Slow down! (running out of breath)

Time: Sorry, no can do. There’s no time like the present. (keeping a steady pace)

Me: I guess I have to catch up.

Time: You’re already here!

Me: Where?

Time: Now!

Me: Oh. (dumbfounded)

Time: I’m all around you and everyone else. We’re all in the same actuality. (smiling and looking beyond the horizon)

Me: I never thought about you that way. Could I talk to the past?

Time: No, that’s prologue.

Me: How about the future?

Time: You are what you make of it.

Me: Stop using trite expressions!

Time: Sorry, I think that’s what you humans most easily understand.

Me: What’s so important about the present, anyway?

Time: That is all you’ve got. The here and now. This is what most humans forget. You’re always thinking about the future, how you will make your life better, or succeed over others. Or, you lament the past — what you could have done differently, how you failed.

It’s as if you purposefully close your eyes to sleep through what’s happening in the space-time around you. Awareness is now. Ignorance is holding on to past regrets and obsessing over future resolutions.

Now’s the me (Time, of course!) that you had better focus on, if you want to have more of me later. The ways that you humans interact, tells me that you are running out of me! I am of the essence — for you to imagine and build the world that works for everyone.

Don’t be armchair activists, saying that you are for world peace and global justice in some utopian future, and hoping that others will act on your dreams. Claim your world peacemaker status right now. You make peace, you create the tools to help each other live together harmoniously, but only if you choose this path below your feet, recognizing the one earth on which you are currently standing.

Me: I’m getting it. Now is where we are and what we must keep our mind focused on. We’re all in the now. We share it. We share responsibility for it, for you. We’re our own historians in every action that we take or every refusal to act that we allow.

Time: You’re catching on, in the nick of me!

Me: We need to focus on each other, on our earthly home to make it work now, not in some distant future, not based upon some nostalgic past, not watching the clock, but by being and doing. I am a Nowist. We all are. We don’t need any time to realize that.

Time: Carpe diem! Time to go!

Me: Are you going?

Time: Aren’t you listening to me? I’m not going anywhere. But you get going! There’s none of me to waste.

Me: Thank you for all that timely advice. And, see ya later!

Time: No . . . Now! (exasperated)

By David Gallup


Lyrics by Bernd M. Schmid
Music by Jiri Neduha​

NOW is the time to inspire.
NOW is the time to think.
NOW ist the time to admire
NOW ist the time to link.

NOW is the time to do more.
NOW is the time to be friend.
NOW is the time to adore.
NOW is the time fo extend.

NOW is the time to care.
NOW is the time to dream.
NOW is the time to share.
NOW is the time to scream.

NOW is the time to live.
NOW is the time to enjoy.
NOW is the time to give.
NOW is the time to say AHOJ.

Refrain: AHOJ…

NOW is the time to be ALL.
NOW is the time to be HUMAN.
NOW is the time to OPTAIN JOY.
NOW you know the meaning of AHOJ.

Refrain: AHOJ…

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