Video Goes Viral Of Trainer Teaching Woman How To Deadlift

A blind woman has been on an amazing journey with her fitness coach Chase Knight. For the past year, Chase has been training Brooke just like he would any athlete, and her outlook on life is an inspiration to him.

„Her character and positive attitude is exactly what I look for within all my athletes, so it was a blessing for everyone to be able to train alongside her at our Friday Night Lights,“ Chase wrote on Instagram about Brooke’s recent competition.

In a new video that has gained a lot of attention online, Chase is teaching Brooke how to deadlift but he forgot momentarily that she’s blind and can’t see how he’s standing. Chase couldn’t help but laugh at his mistake that almost caused him a lot of pain.

„Blind athlete to coach 101, don’t just assume after a year of working together you know what your athlete is thinking at all times. Brooke (my athlete whose visually impaired) and I usually have a good grasp on what to do around each other. When all I thought is we are going over grip, she’s thinking let’s see how this grip position actually works lol. Any shorter and I would have been in a much worse spot!“

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